What can I expect at an Outstanding in the Field event?

Arriving guests are welcomed to the farm and shown to the greeting area where guests mingle and enjoy a glass of wine. When everyone has congregated (people arrive at different times and there is some walking from the arrival point so this will not happen right away) there is an introductory talk and we begin a guided tour of the host farm or site. A tour is generally 30 to 45 minutes in length. Guests arrive at our long table for a meal composed by the guest chef in our nomadic al fresco kitchen. Dinner is served family style (or farm style). Wines are paired with each course. During the meal, the local producers who provided ingredients for the menu talk about their respective crafts and diners are encouraged to ask questions.

When can I make a reservation?

Complete schedule details are posted on the website in early March. All tickets go on sale March 20th, the first day of Spring. On and after this date you can make your reservation through our events page. Some dinners will sell out in a very short time. You will have the best chance for a seat at the table if you make a reservation right when the events go on sale.

We also have a winter event schedule. January events in Hawaii, Florida and New Orleans are posted in early September and go on sale September 23rd, the first day of Fall.

How do I make a reservation?

Go to the Events page of our website. Select the event you would like to attend, input the number of tickets you would like to purchase and proceed to the checkout. If you would like to purchase tickets to multiple events, you can add them all to your shopping cart prior to checking out. When making your reservation, please include all of your contact information (including email address and phone number) so we can communicate with you effectively.  After you make your reservation, you will receive a confirmation email from us.

What is the price per person and what is included in that price?

Tickets start at $190 per person (plus a service fee and sales tax) which includes a reception with wine and passed appetizers, four seated courses with wine pairings, all gratuities, producer discussions, and a tour of the farm.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept payment online only. You can use any major credit card (Visa, Mastercard or AMEX). Cash or check orders cannot be processed.

How many people attend the events?

There is an average of 130-150 people at each event. Occasionally with a spectacular scenic site we may have a table of 200 people or more.

Do you take reservations for larger parties?

Yes we do, however there is no assigned seating. If you have a large party and want to sit together, please let us know when you arrive so that we can make arrangements.

Can you accommodate persons with dietary restrictions such as vegetarians, vegans or people with food allergies?

Dinners are served family-style and everyone dines at the same table. While accommodating vegetarians is sometimes possible, this is not an appropriate event for vegans or persons with other dietary restrictions such as food allergies. Some events are not suitable for vegetarians, for example if an event is taking place on a ranch, meat from the ranch will likely be featured in multiple courses on the menu. Coastal dinners are generally great for seafood options. If you are considering multiple events and wondering which would be best suited for you as a vegetarian, please email us and we’ll try to advise you. If you are vegetarian and are making a reservation, please be sure to make a note in the appropriate field at the checkout. You can also log into your account after you purchase to add these notes on dietary restrictions.

When will I receive directions to the farm and other important information about the event?

We send out invitations to our confirmed guests about two weeks prior to the event. These will include directions to the farm, helpful hints on farm attire, information about our tradition of the plates, and all finalized dinner details.

Does Outstanding in the Field host private events?

Yes! Over the past few years we’ve organized Private Events across the country. If you’re interested in setting up an event, please see our Private Events page.

Do you sell gift certificates?

Yes, you can purchase gift certificates on the Shop page. When you purchase a gift certificate a gift card will be sent to either yourself or your recipient, as you choose. If you would like to include a special note in your gift card, please note that with your order. Please note that gift certificate holders do not have priority over non-gift certificate holders on the schedule release day. Gift certificate holders will be required to visit the site and make their reservation at the same time as everyone else.

Will I be able to see a copy of the menu before I arrive at the dinner?

We ask our guest chefs to design the menu in the weeks leading up to the event based on the freshest available ingredients. We want the dinner to be artistic, spontaneous and of the season. The menu will be at the table when you arrive from your farm tour.

Can you accommodate children at the events?

The Outstanding in the Field experience is not intended for children. Due to the length of the event and out of respect for all of our guests, we ask that you do not bring children.

Do you allow well-behaved dogs at the events?

Due to health department regulations, dogs are not allowed at our events.

What if I have tickets but I can’t attend the event?

Due to the nature of our events no refunds will be given for cancellations, however reservations are transferable. If you cannot attend the dinner and you wish to transfer your tickets please contact us with new guest information prior to the event. If you are interested in selling your tickets, a good place to post the information is on our Facebook page. Transfer of funds for your tickets is your responsibility.

Is there a waitlist for sold out events?

Because dinner reservations are non-refundable, once a dinner is sold out, no additional seats will become available for the event.

What is the time line of the events and how late do they go?

Events generally begin at 2 pm, 3 pm or 4 pm, depending on the time of the year and the length of day. The first hour is a reception with passed appetizers and a first glass of wine. About one hour after the start time, there will be opening remarks from Outstanding in the Field and you will be introduced to the host farmer(s). You will be led on a farm tour which ends at the table. The seated meal is about 2.5 – 3 hours in length and the last course is usually served around sunset. As the days get shorter in Fall, events last until candlelight is required. The total length of each event is four to five hours.

What if it rains?

In the event of rain on the day of the event, we will arrange for tenting, greenhouse, barn or other indoor location for the table. Guests will still receive a tour of the farm.

Any other details I should know?

The Assumption of Risk of damage or injury is your responsibility at these events. We will encounter a variety of terrain and climactic conditions; a description of conditions, and any preparatory recommendations will be detailed in the reminder email you will receive prior to the event. Please contact us with any further questions.