I recently visited the farm where we set our first table in 1999. I saw a soaking wet field, bright green with late Winter grasses, tall wild mustards and purple radishes. Twenty seasons have passed since that very first event, where we dined between the gladiolas and the tomatoes. But in this moment, as the vibrant nods of Spring replace a dormant Winter, it feels like time has stood still.

Soon Spring will come in full force as farmers turn their fields and seedlings begin to pop through the soil. We’ll gain another chance to plant seeds and to nurture renewal and growth.

We remember and are grateful for all the places that have come before and to all who have contributed to the journey.

Twenty years later, the cycle continues.

Once again, we’ll come together to share a meal at the long table and celebrate a moment in the ever-present now.


Jim Denevan
Founder of Outstanding in the Field