Pinnacle Farms

February 15th, 2019

Pinnacle Farms
Friday, February 15 @ 1pm


Host Farmer: Janna Anderson, Pinnacle Farms, Phoenix, AZ

Guest Chefs: Jeff Kraus, Crepe Bar, Tempe, AZ & Adam Allison, Handlebar Diner, Mesa, AZ


It will be a peak experience at our table set at Pinnacle Farms below South Mountain. Host farmer Janna Anderson lovingly grows many unusual varieties of fruits and vegetables uniquely suited to Arizona’s arid climate, offering tastes and textures never encountered in the grocery store. Chefs Jeff Kraus of Crepe Bar and Adam Allison of Handlebar Diner are friends and co-chefs and have partnered with OITF before. They are eager to get out into the field, and we are eager to see what they do out there in Janna’s rambunctiously productive desert paradise.


* Photo Credit: Julie Foskett