Flying Disc Ranch

February 17th, 2019



Flying Disc Ranch
Sunday, February 17 @ 2pm


Host Farmers: Robert Lower & Christina Kelso, Flying Disc Ranch, Thermal, CA (Palm Springs)

Guest Chefs: Christian Page & Elia Laurice Aboumrad Page, Cassell’s, Los Angeles, CA


Spend a little time ogling the photos on Cassell’s Instagram and you’ll really want to come to this dinner in the desert. (David Chang is a huge fan.) Christian and Elia have cooked with us at the Coachella Music Festival and now they’re coming out to the date garden of Flying Disc, just a few blocks from the festival grounds. This is the farm’s 40th anniversary, and we can’t wait to see what Elia comes up with for dessert for such a special occasion. Bring a date, pull up a seat, and join us at the table.