MA'O Organic Farms

January 13th, 2019



MA'O Organic Farms
Sunday, January 13 @ 1pm


Host Farmers: Kukui & Gary Maunakea-Forth, MA'O Organic Farms, Waianae, Oahu, HI

Guest Chef: Ed Kenney, Town | Mud Hen Water | Kaimuki Superette | Mahina & Sons, Honolulu, HI


It's good to be back! MA’O is a beautiful and productive farm with an inspiring story of “aloha ‘aina” (love of the land) in action. MAʻO Organic Farms is a business that trains new farmers and community leaders by having them co-manage the social enterprise operation as they produce, process, market and distribute over two tons of a diverse array of high quality organic fruits and vegetables. We’ll celebrate at the table in gorgeous surroundings that nourish both community and island. We first met Chef Ed Kenney when he did the honors in our field kitchen on our first visit to MA'O - and our first winter visit to Hawaii in 2012. It’s always good times and good eating when Chef Ed is in the house.